December 15

What are the Advantages of Losing Weight?


Losing weight has thousands of benefits to our health such as lowers the cholesterol levels and blood pressure, reducing the risk of getting chronic diseases, helps you get better sleep at night, helps you improve concentration and many more. You might not really understand the thorough benefits and how it will affects your health. Therefore, I have listed below some of the less-mentioned benefits weight loss benefits for your body and mind. Prepare to be surprise!

They have beautiful Teeth.

This may sound weird but shedding of some weight can improve your teeth and giving you a healthy-white teeth. Usually, people who are overweight are linked with gum disease like redness, swelling and bleeding. Based on the study of the Western Reserve University, experts believed that gum disease is an inflammation which is caused by the fat cells. That is why the lesser the fat mass in the body the healthier your gums will be.

They have bright mind.

How can this be possibly related? Here’s how: a study shows that people who are obese usually perform poorer when it comes to making decision and planning than those who have normal weight. This is because struggling with weight gain or obesity can lead to lack of focus. However, normal sized people tend to be more focus because during the process of weight loss they will develop a sharper and more focused mind.

They know what battle to fight.

People who are healthy and lost significant amount of weight tend to be more practical and do not really mind about some petty matters but focus on the quality side of life. Meanwhile, the overweight people usually overthink many things from the smallest to the biggest matters. This is due to insecurities and pressure in their everyday lives.

They have more satisfying sex.

Who does like to have fitted tummy and trimmer thighs? Losing around 10% of your body weight is good enough to have satisfying sexual levels. Experts in the Duke University Medical Center found that overweight people were 25% more expectedly to report discontented with their sex lives. So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of those 10% weight in your body and surprise your spouse in bed!

They have better fertility.

Let’s put this simple: a healthy body can help you conceive. It is common among women who are having weight issues to have infertility problem. It is because the fatty tissue produces estrogen which means having too much estrogen levels in the body leads to estrogen-progesterone imbalance. On the other hand, the same goes with men but varies a bit. Losing weight in men can help boost sperm count and they are most likely to have the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. If you want to have a healthy offspring, get on a weight scale and decide for a change.

They get better sleep.

Sleep apnea has been associated with obesity because the fat surrounds the neck can disrupt the airways when you breathe. Losing weight can help you sleep better. Surprisingly, obese people who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and type 2 diabetes were undergone a diet program for a year and lost around 24 pounds. Later, they testified that they have experienced less pauses in breathing and have 14% reduction of their sleep apnea.

They have better immune system.

People who experienced weight loss claimed that they have fewer colds and are less exposed to infection. Obesity disrupts the immune system and deteriorates a person’s defenses against bacterial and viral infection. This allows unwanted invaders accumulated in the immune cells and living around your system. This may seem less dangerous but it can lead to harmful diseases.

They have less body pain.

Overweight people often complained about foot and knee pain. Obesity can put pressure on your joints which can increase the intensity of arthritis symptoms. Try losing weight at least 10 pounds and you will see the difference in your body.

They have improved bladder function.

For most obese women, a drippy bladder is not something they are proud of. Some thinks it is a sign of aging, however little do they know it is the side effect of being overweight. Fatty excess around your middle section gives pressure on the bladder thus deteriorates the muscles surrounds it. That is why urine will slowly come out when you laugh, sneeze or cough. According to a research in Brown University shows that women who lose weight around 5 to 10% can definitely lessen their number of urinary incontinence problems.

They have a healthy heart.

Many studies have proved that the stored amount of excess body fat in the body discharges chemicals in to the bloodstream that results in increased blood pressure and lead to LDL cholesterol or popularly known as the “bad cholesterol”. The bad cholesterol will gather in the blood vessel and constricted the arteries which will then results in the series of heart attack or strokes. Losing weight can help reduce the production of the bad cholesterol or LDL.

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