May 15

Say “No” to Emotional Eating Today


Binge eating is a form of habit that we usually do like biting our nails, hair twirling or finger tapping. Emotional eating is often triggered by boredom, anger, stress and even when you are feeling happy. People who are prone to emotional eating tend to feel like eating is their only way to fill up their needs. Most people who are under stressed do not realize that they are munching and working at the same time. If that is how we deal certain situation in our lives, I believe it can lead to weight gain and affects our health. Many people asked me about how to overcome their cravings in binge eating. Well, I would say that it is not an easy thing to do. It requires self-awareness and discipline in order to overcome the habit.

Finally, I have come up these basic tips on how to overcome emotional eating. Keep in mind that these tips may not work on some people; however you can choose whatever tips that can help you become a better person. These are by far the simplest form of advice on how to tackle the binge eating habit.

It all starts at home.

Family is the basic unit of society. That is why it is important to teach your kids and everyone in the house to eat foods that are beneficial to your health. Keep away from junk foods in your house; instead keep in foods such as fruits, veggies, low-calorie, low-fat foods and the like. There are also foods that can be substitute to sugar, since kids love sweet foods.

Kids learn by imitating the adults. As a parent, you need to show good example through your daily lifestyle. Take a short look at your refrigerator now and see if there are more healthy foods than junk foods or is it vice versa? Take a walk with your kids and spend more time with your family, not only it will help you bond with your family, it will also help your kids become healthy as they grow up.

Know what cause emotional eating.

This could be the hardest part in the process because you might need a little self-awareness in doing so. Some people are in denial and they end up clueless about what triggers their binge eating habit. Ask yourself few questions like, “Am I really hungry?” “Why do I want to eat this chocolate?” You will know if your body is starving or just crave for something to eat. Assess yourself if you are under stress, anxiety, depress, angry, sad, lonely etc. and record what you eat throughout the day. Many successful stories of weight loss recorded their eating habit every day for 1 month and they realized their weakness and the pattern in their binge eating. Then they decided to make a change to it.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with an overweight kids and their binge eating habit, maybe you should find out about their day in school or with friends. Are they socializing with positive people? If they are not, then you should know if their friends are influencing them in a negative way or not. Mingling with negative friends can lead to emotional issues which can cause them stress and other personal issues. Talk to them about it and you will never know you are dealing with bigger issues and not just eating problem. Your kids might need help.

Find other solution for cravings.

You will reach at some points of your life where you become aware of your emotional eating condition and its causes. Therefore, instead of eating unhealthy foods to make yourself feeling better and satisfied, switch to other foods or other activities that can distract you away from your old habit. I’ve been in this situation many times and what I usually did was to get up and go out for a walk. In the past, I always end up being frustrated at myself and how I have no control over my situation. Going out for a walk definitely help me be distracted with my cravings. If you are the kind of person who are very expressive, you should try releasing it on a punching bag or maybe go out for a run with your buddy. Most of all, the fastest way to curb binge eating is to drink plenty of water. Been there, done that!

Reward yourself one in a while.

When we have been working so hard, reward is the best motivation to keep us on track. Focus one step at a time. When you see positive changes in you or your children’s lifestyle, give reward through verbal or stuff. As much as possible, avoid giving food as reward. You can go for a shopping or buy their favorite stuff they have been wanting for so long. Sharing successes with your family is a good way to motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle.

January 4

Weight Loss: What You Missed Out? And What You Should Do?


Tired of struggling with weight loss and still remain on the same scale? Maybe you have heard a million times that weight loss is just getting rid of those calories and still you can’t lose weight. The process of losing weight can be very devastating for us especially when we can’t see the progress. Perhaps, you have thought of what went wrong? And those muffin top just can’t seem to be gone from your belly. Researches have shown that weight gain is not only caused by the foods we eat but are also the results of genetic predisposition, environmental influences or lifestyle behaviors. Based on my personal opinion, below are the common problems of weight gain apart from foods.

Firstly, you are not having enough sleep. Lack of sleep is always associated with weight gain because it disrupts your metabolic rate and affects the leptin and ghrelin hormones which are related with hunger.

What you should do: Do not engage on screen such as laptops, TV or phone as it can stimulates your eyes and disturb your sleeping time. Clean up before sleeping and avoid drinking alcohol, smoking or taking other drugs like sleeping pills.

Second, you might not be aware with hidden sugars you consumed per day. Breakfast cereals, sports drinks, sauces and spreads can sometimes contain hidden sugar that you are unaware of. Although these may not seem to be very dangerous like other sugary foods, it can still lead to other health condition such as tooth decay, diabetes, heart disease and most of all obesity.

What you should do: When you are going for a grocery, always check out the Nutritional Fact or the food label. Avoid foods that contains huge amount of sugar (in disguise) such as maltose, fructose, molasses, malt, glucose, sucrose, corn syrup, or fruit juice concentrate. These are sugars that you must avoid if you want to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Third, you are too busy to cook at home. The advantage of cooking at home is that you get the chance to choose what ingredients you mixed in your foods. Foods in the restaurant contain plenty of additives and calories which are hidden from you and you will just end up gaining more weight.

What you should do: Avoid from eating foods in the restaurant and set a time to really prepare your meal every day. As much as possible, prepare an extra freeze-portion meal so that you can have food whenever you are too busy to prepare.

Finally, you are living a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to achieve that healthy body you’ve been dreaming of, get out from your couch and start working out. No more dreaming and start making it a reality. You might want to consider using stairs instead of elevators form now onward.

What you should do: It may be a minimum of 30 minutes’ walk outside the part or the beach followed by a moderate run in order to get your body working and moving. Do this at least 3 times a day to get your heart pumping and allow the smooth blood circulation around your body system. Gradually increase the intensity of your workout if your body needs a push.

There are still plenty of ways you can do in order to get yourself in shape apart from eating calorie-filled foods. The key is simply getting on a healthy lifestyle with the right, positive attitude. Prepare your mind and body to fully embrace the process of weight management, having a pessimistic attitude can only lead to frustration and weight gain. Nevertheless, if you still can’t see changes in your weight, try to consult your doctor. There may be some underlying problem that needs an expert’s advice. I believe that making your health the most priority matter in your life is important because a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind and soul. Never give up in the journey of weight loss. If I can, why can’t you?