April 8

Psoriasis Treatment For The Present And Future

Psoriasis skin drawing

You can minimize flare-ups through learning the triggers that worsen psoriasis. Follow the tips in this article to aid in their management and keep the skin’s condition under control.


Colby Evans, who is a dermatologist and the chairman elect of the National Psoriasis Foundation says that stress is one of the most popular triggers.

Stress causes the body to go into a protective mode. It reacts through sending chemicals that result into inflammation which ends up causing flare-ups.

What can you do? Evans suggests that you try massage, exercise or yoga or take on hobbies you really enjoy. These can help ease the stress. In addition, relaxation techniques such as focused breathing, mindful meditation and progressive muscle relaxation can also ease tress.

Consult a stress management counselor or therapist for some other ideas.

Weather Changes

Evans says that psoriasis tends to flair when the weather is drier or colder.

Majority of people find their skin condition better during summer than in the winter. mark Lebwohl, who is the chairman of dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital says that this is probably because of lack of sun during the winter.

What can you do? Lebwohl says that you can try to use a moisturizer. In addition, a cool-mist humidifier in the bedroom can assist.

many psoriasis treatment centers possess phototherapy units. Alternatively, you can acquire one for your home. They mimic the sunlight and help in easing psoriasis symptoms. Speak to your doctor to know if it is the required treatment.


Drugs used to treat bipolar disorder, high blood pressure and some other conditions can trigger psoriasis flares.

What can you do? Evans emphasizes on the importance of letting the doctor prescribing your medication know that you are a victim of psoriasis.

in some cases, your doctor may be in a position to prescribe a drug that does not cause flare-ups. He may also be in a position to reduce your medication’s dose.

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