June 10

The Flex Belt- What Is The Science Behind It?


You must be wondering how a mere belt can give you results which hours and weeks at the gym could hardly do. The answer is very simple, Science. Research is what brings a lot of differences. The Flex belt was launched after four year of intensive and extensive mind scratching and studying.

The flex belt utilizes state-of-the-art-technology referred to as EMS which are the initials for Electric Muscle Stimulation. This is the same technology therapists in the healthcare industry have used for over thirty years.

The special making of the Flex Belt outlines three medical-grade Gel Pads, that are used to cover the external obliques and central abdominal area. When you are utilizing the belt, signals originating from the belt go to the nerves where their concentration is high. It is these nerves that branch out to the various stomach muscles causing them to naturally relax and contract . this works out all muscles at the same time and not only those found under the gel pads.

Flex belt for perfect abs

When you engage in traditional crunches, the upper and lower abdomen accommodates most of the heat. When you do foot crunches or side planks, your obliques are developed. However, with a Flex Belt, the upper, lower and sides are all engaged at the same time. based on your frequency, this will give you 150 flexes at the upper, lower and obliques simultaneously.

It might feel odd that all your abdominal muscles are being worked out without you having to do anything. The Flex belt does everything for you.

At the beginning, it may feel a bit unnatural but as time goes by, you get used to it. The belts width is small and it can be concealed under a coat. You can have it on while doing other things such as cleaning, working on your computer or shopping.

The results

With regard to a two-week clinical study performed at the University of Wisconsin by Dr. John Procari in the year 2008, almost all users admitted to feeling firmer and better toned abs. Ninety two percent of them felt an increased firmness in their abdominal muscles.

A thermal photography done on the abdomen in a Flex Belt session indicates red areas around the mid-section which is a sign of heat-up muscles in the area.

In addition to this, the customer’s feedback statistics indicate that 191 buyers at Amazon give this product a four star rating.


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